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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 17, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we're become now with more of "today" on a monday morning. it's the 17th of september, 2012. some princesses in the audience today which is nice. the weather here in the northeast starting to cool down a little bit as we inch closer to fall w arrives, what, later in the week, right? >> that's right. 21st. >> feels like it's here. >> i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie and mr. al roker, and coming up a guest who will make us laugh. >> yeah, he really will. tom kotter is the runner up in "america's got talent," right there. he'll join us for a chat at the top of the next hour. we'll give him good material to work with. we eel talk psy and honey boo
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boo. not going to be pens out the ears. it will be hilarious. >> sophisticated. okay, until somebody loses an eye. of course, who isn't looking for a little extra cash these days. well, you can earn a little extra, anywhere from five bucks to $1,000, in strange ways, but all you need is an internet, but you need to avoid the scams as well. we'll tell you how. and what about a gadget that takes the itch out of bug bites? >> really. >> that's right. >> or how about an pp that keeps track of your online orders. we're going to check out technology you never knew you needed but will make your life easier. >> yeah, that bug bite one is a billion dollar idea. >> i'm on it. >> natalie is on assignment and tamron hall is at the news desk with all the headlines. >> hey there, good morning, everyone, the chicago's mayor office says city attorneys are filing today for an injunction to force striking teachers back
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to work. the walkout in the nation's third largest school sector has left 350,000 students and parent to scramble for day care and other day care alternatives. there was a tentative agreement over the weekend but teachers wanted more time to look over the settlement. several major wildfires are burning across washington state, but in southern california the largest of the mountain wildfires that broke out this weekend has now been contained. four fire fighters were injured fighting that blaze near los angeles. the topless photo ruckus heads to court today as lawyers for britain's royal family try to stop the publication of more paparazzi pictures of duchess kate middleton sunbathing. the pictures were taken while the duchess was on vacation with her husband prince will cram in the south of france. they have since been published in at least two magazines. the palace calls the photos a grotesque abuse of the young royals' privacy. president obama and republican rival mitt romney are beginning a crucial week on the
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campaign trail. the president will announce a new trade enforcement case against china during a campaign stop today in ohio, a swing state which blames china for depressing its large manufacturing base. romney is expected to address the issue of immigration as he reaches out to latino voters in the los angeles area. at&t says it set a pre-order sales record for the iphone 5 over the weekend. the company doesn't say how many units were sold, but it does say the newest iphone is still available for pre-orders and will be in stores starting this friday. the price of gasoline has jumped another five cents a gallon in just the past week. aaa says the nationwide average is now 3.87 a gallon for regular. the nickel jump is blamed on unrest in the middle east, hurricane isaac's impact on the u.s. oil refineries and other factors. well, 3-d was a big draw at weekend box office. the 3-d release of "resident evil retribution" grabbed the top spot with more than $21
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million in ticket sales. disney's 3-d re-release of "finding nemo" and last week's champion, "the possession" fell to third place. the 22-year-old video of a toddler playing with a 300-pound gorilla is sparking a debate among parents, especially on the internet. the video just released by the girl's family has some parents deeply moved and others deeply upset. her dad who owns the zoo posted the video so people could see how gentle and noble the animals r.her daughter who is now an adult agrees. it is now four minutes past hour. let's go to savannah andal. >> is there a debate? there really needs to be a debate. >> i don't know who is on the other side. always somebody. >> my child with a wild animal, great idea. >> always somebody who thinks putting child with a 300-pound gorilla is a great idea. >> the guy who video. >> weatherwise for you, a risk of very strong storms from new orleans to charlotte today.
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we're looking at rain already. a lot of it in the central gulf. that's going to make its way into the tennessee river valley later today. that activity really gets fired up thanks to an upper level low that pushes further north. that's bringing a lot of rain. rainfall amounts over the next 24 hours anywhere from 4 to 5 inches from new orleans up to lexington, kentucky. and those strong storms move to the east tomorrow. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> another chilly morning. still a buiit of a chill in the air. temperatures in the 50s much of the region. reagan national, 64, on the warm waters of the river. right now most sunny skies. clouds on the increase this afternoon with highs in the 70s. tonight, showers moving in around midnight into the metro area. earlier today out of the mountains. tomorrow, could get some strong storms in the afternoon after some morning showers.
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some storms could produce some wind damage. well, now today's "take 3" where al, tamron and i give our take on some stories and joining us today is tom kotter who was runner up in "america's got talent." >> i'm still a little hurt. beaten by the dogs. had a nice doggie style. >> that was pretty good. >> i didn't think it was right -- i'm still bitter. four days ago. only happened four days ago. >> you able to get over this. >> i'm licking my wounds. >> like a dog. >> they got $1 million, what do you get? >> get to walk the dogs, 25 bucks to be a dog walker, thank you for that. >> you're a dead ringer for howard dean. does he look like howard dean? >> not as crazy. >> that's what he should have done. >> and not appropriate. >> now your wife is a stand-up comeic. >> she is indeed. funnier than i.
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>> really? >> yes. >> she should have been up there? >> should have been up there. she might have beatent dogs, who knows. >> maybe she will try it for next year. >> she probably will. >> even though you came in second, this has got to be a boost for your career. >> people have told me my whole life i smell like number two, sorry, too early for that? >> yeah. >> it's great. it's wonderful, really was and i love the dogs, really a great act, so, you know, i think i'm the top human that finished though in the competition. >> want to get your take on some of the stuff we're talking about today. one of the things is psy. don't know when you were watching the "today" show on friday and went "gangnam style" with psy performing the song not once by twice, had a cameo on "saturday night live," hit number one is number one on itunes. >> his song spelled back wards is mangag. it looks like he ate spicy food
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and can't find a bathroom, that's what it looks like to me. i can't do it. >> is it infectious, look how people responded. hundreds of kids. why do you think it's so popular? >> it's like the pet rock. >> you're bitter. >> should be called psycho, have you seen him dance? i met his wife, polly psy. we can do this all day. >> i'll save you. here we go, honey boo boo child. "here comes honey boo boo." people are asking is it a yay or nay? full disclosure, i bought every episode. alana and her momma june and her daddy sugar bear. >> you know too much about them. >> i'm a part of family. >> tell me if it's a yay or nay? >> for me i love the chubby cherub. she could be the love child of nancy grace and larry the gable
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guy, i don't know. >> that's so wrong to laugh at a child. >> but america is. >> they are. >> she's 7 years old. >> that's her mommor, june. >> the thing is, this is from my standpoint why i watch it. i'm from the south. if you think that that's the only family or that's made up, you are wrong. >> really. >> and all my southern cousins, i love you. >> does it make it right? >> it's their life, and if they want to put their lives out there, why can't they. doesn't fit the upper east side perspective. >> but it feels somewhat exploitive, you know. >> of whom if they choose to? >> they are getting paid. >> you know they have made it because they were spoofed on "snl" this weekend. the favorite thing that seth myers said, they speak english but need closed captioning. >> subtitles on the show. >> should you be giving a 7-year-old go-go juice. >> half red bull and half mountain dew. >> that's the point.
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should you give a kid red bull and mountain dew. >> a negative. >> when i have one, i'll let you so. >> would you give your dog red bull and mountain dew? >> i would -- i would give it to the dogs -- >> i'm not saying that's right. they are in the alone from below the mason-dixon line and i'm from there. >> let's move on. >> what have you got, new idol judges. >> again with the judges. >> yeah, yeah. we're talking nicki minaj and keith urban which i guess will be their version of christina aguilera and blake shelton. >> yeah. >> and, of course, randy is still there and mariah carey. >> do you think they will be good judges? >> too many judges. >> maybe they should judge one of them off. >> i like it, i like it. >> we talked about this last week. it's almost as if the judges have become more important than the contestants. >> yeah. >> the shows used to be about the singers, go figure. >> and it used to be where
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people would come to resurrect their career. enmaple ridge minaj is at the top of her game and mariah carey still sells millions so there's some allure there for the big stars now when it used to be like randy jackson, we didn't know randy jackson when he started this show. >> you're adding a country star, urban, and minaj, a rap star, and whenever you merge country and rap you get crap so i'm concerned that that might not play well. four judges though, menage atrois and randy jackson. >> let's give niki some go-go juice. >> i like where you're headed. >> you brought some drunk passport photos. >> i don't bring them, i've seen them. >> have you seen them? >> i don't know. >> i'm not showing it. wondering if you have it. it's a little kid -- >> oh, this one. >> this is great. >> looks like the kid had some go-go juice. >> i haven't seen it. >> morning after go-go juice. >> kind of crashed after the go-go juice. >> guess you'll have to visualize it.
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>> thought we had it. >> he could slip into something more comfortable like a coma. >> they are looking and going through their files. got an index card, rol-a-dex. there it is. >> oh, come on. >> hi, how are you? >> like the e-trade baby. >> wow. >> that's exploiting something. >> after not really having a good trade. >> looks like alfred hitchcock. >> he does look like hitchcock. >> i think he's cute. >> i got hosed on that deal. >> tom kotter, thanks for bringing the picture of your child. >> that's my kid. >> yeah. >> coming up next, strange but easy way to earn yourself extra cash. and from cleansers to cream, skin care for fall, but first these messages. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings.
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this morning on requested toys's money," some strange and new ways to make some extra money. all you need is the internet. thank you so much foroining us. >> good morning. >> i want to start off with the first off, the concerns. a lot of options out there, but a lot of scams as well. >> right. >> you need to be careful, so a checklist of what to do before you sign on to any gig that's offered online. you want to do a background check. go online and type in the company's name as well as the word scam and see what pops up.
9:17 am
also check with your local better business bureau at to see if there's any filed complaints. verify the contact information on their websites. do they even have a telephone number, call it and see if it works. red flags, do not give any personal identifying information over the net. >> social security, they don't need that. >> and by the way, this may sound crazy to say, but some companies will ask you money to reserve a gig, stay away from these companies. >> yeah. stay away from anyone asking for money if they are supposed to be paying you. let's get to the list of what we call strange but legitimate and easy things to do to make some cash. first up, >> a number of companies, offering jobs, jobs for $5 a pop. pfeifffiv is the site.
9:18 am
solving rubics cubes, i spoke with a guy making up to $2,000 a month doing alec baldwin impersonations over the phone. calls up and wishes your friend happy birthday, similar sites to fiver include and gigme, and givemefive. >> pretty impressive. a lot of people recycle soda cans, a few bucks here and there. you have a few ideas on recycling to put more money. >> the big money is with appliances or old cars or steel shelving. >> okay. >> you can get up to $2 a pound, depending on the type of scrap we're talking about. go to a site called to find quotes, you know, for what your different scrap could earn. i think copper is probably the most lucrative, and also for a local recycling center in your area. >> pretty cool. and people are making cash by renting their own cars. is that even safe? >> it is safe.
9:19 am
>> there are a number of legitimate websites we found called insurance is included. about $1 million. how it works you've got a car, only drive our cars about two hours a day and costs $700 a month on average to keep that car running are, so a lot of people are renting out their cars by the hour, by the day, by the week and making back some of that money on the average car owner makes $250 a month. >> so it's like your own personal zip car business that you're running. >> exactly. >> pretty cool. >> people are renting out their driveways. that makes out a lot of sense if you're not using it. >> a spare space in your garage, elbow room on your driveway, live near a stadium or beach, you're in business. i mean, people need parking these days, and parking is tight. can you make anywhere from $10 a day to $300 a month. new york, boston, san francisco, these areas are the most lucrative. >> that is good, especially to your point if you live near a baseball park. i think about even wrigley field.
9:20 am
people rent out their roof tops. >> go to to list your space. >> love that one and last by not least, sharing your opinions could get you cash. >> a lot of market research firms will pay us to give feedback on upcoming products and services go to 25 to 40 listings per day. monday today, often the busiest day for listings. they have aeady vetted these companies to make sure that they are legitimate and are safe, but you can do some focus groups over the phone. don't even have to leave your house. go on that site and see if you can make some fun. >> love that list. unique ways to make some extra cash, especially with the holidays right around the corner. >> exactly. >> coming up, apps and gadgets should make your life a real breeze. we'll have the must-s have after these messages. cash rewards credit card, we earn more cash back for the things we buy most. these messages. have after these messages. every time.
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. coming up, prepare your skin for dryer, colder weather. how to change up your skin care routine for fall. >> and the apps and the gadgets you'll never leave home without, and in the kitchen, you'll love this, an easy three-course meal. >> good bumps. >> after your local news and weather. [ man ] launch sequence initiated. [ male announcer ] at kfc we have one mission: [ beep ] 15 seconds and counting. serve the world's best-tasting chicken. t-minus 10... that's why our whole chicken is delivered fresh. 9...8... and prepared fresh by real cooks 7... t-5. all systems go. 4... with kfc's world famous secret recipes. preparation complete... 3... 2...1... taste for yourself why fresh is better. mission accomplished. try our new freshly hand-breaded premium breast meat original recipe bites today.
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it's eb. good morning. 9:26 on this monday, september 17th. i'm aaron gilchrist. the new addition at the national zoo. giant panda mei xiang gave birth last night. a live picture inside the panda house where the mother is keeping an eye on her cub. they spent all night monitoring the panda
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here's your four-day forecast. beautiful into the upper 70s. might get some light rain around midnight tonight and some showers tomorrow morning. thunder and lightning tomorrow afternoon, perhaps damaging winds too, and that may -- that chance exists into early evening. and then dry and settled after
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that. >> checking out the key bridge if you're headed northbound, cl delays start at gw parkway. cl delays start at gw parkway. this message. experiences classrooms. sizes don't matter... by 20%. teaching to some test... he personally cannot relate to. education, children.designer stacyn
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aware of cassandra's youtube fame when she was cast. et? i think i think too much ♪ >> that is the one and only pink and she's back with a new slew of hits and an album that drops tomorrow and she will be dropping by our plaza for a live concert. pink tomorrow only on the "today" show so come on down. >> good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie alongside al roker and tamron hall who is in for natalie. >> imagine a gadget that will take the sting out of a bug bite. >> is that possible? >> it exists. >> or turn off all the electronics in your home with an
9:31 am
app. >> like the clapper with you high-tech. >> this one is the apper. >> cool new technology that takes the work out of your daily routine. >> pretty cool. and your skin care regime needs to change with the seasons. did you know that? >> no. >> because it's dryer. need to change what's on your body and face. the right products to get you glowing for the fall and then we'll head to the kitchen for an easy lesson in southern ccken like rosemary chicken and hummingbird cake >> i love hummingbird cake. >> just means tasty, that's all you need to know, delicious. >> and fattening. >> sounds good to me. >> how about a check of the wet they are. >> let's see whathe weather? >> we are looking at a risk of strong storms. the week ahead, a lot of wet weather making its way in the early part of the week. cooler than normal conditioning in the midsection of the country. dry out west. which will continue with the warm conditions. below normal in the east.
9:32 am
the latter part of the week, we warm up again over the eastern portions of the seaboard. dry out west. not good news for all those wildfires. and now, here is your weather. >> it will climb into the upper 50s to around 60s degrees much of the region. later today, 60s with increasing clouds. tonight, we might get some passing showers perhaps around midnight. after that, around the metro area, earlier in the day in the mountains. then tomorrow, maybe a few morning showers. some strong storms perhaps tomorrow afternoon, evening, some could produce damaging winds. weather, and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you. up next, the technology you never knew you needed, and you won't be able to live without right after this. ch ili'
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9:36 am
edge off your everyday tasks. >> yes. >> moms, of course, very big user of apps and anything we can do to help mom is a good thing. >> very big users of gadgets as well. one of my favorite products. not a whole lot of explaining needed here. this is a pack and play. go inside and pull up the string, super durable and -- >> oh, my gosh. >> where is this when i had my kids? >> right, and then to put it back down. >> give it a push, yeah, that's easy. >> wow. >> and just to make sure you do take the baby out first. >> you take the baby out first. director joe michaels asked that. >> that's making its tv debut. in retailers today. >> okay. >> next up, this is like your personal camera man. this is awesome. ever had to have a friend come over and need to take a little video and on the eighth and ninth take, oh, my gosh, you're horrible. have a little marker, put your device right inside the cradle. put your iphone in here, old
9:37 am
flip cam in here, will follow the marker. you can see i'm moving, the device is going to follow me so if i want to make a video for my blog or record a presentation, this guy is -- is your own little personal cameraman. >> like bob yaeger except it's in focus and it follows us. >> it's nice, right? >> that next one. >> you are going to love this one, so this is the therapic, $13. when it does is takes the sting and itch out of any bug bite. >> no. how? >> here's the deal. put 7-volt inside her. pretend you have a bug bite. hold the button down for 30 seconds. swear this, i test this out, my mom gets a ton of bites. i was like go outside, mom, get bit. that was the task for the we be. just not right, and the best part, this is one of those gadgets that the website looks like cash for gold, totally not going to work. 13 bucks, works like a charm.
9:38 am
>> i'll have to give it a try. >> makes your house look like a smartphone. >> looks like al has a hot spot in his pocket. >> something about my wi-fi. >> amazing. >> this is a smart switch. you plug this switch into the wall and can put any device, a fan, a stereo, curling iron and you can control it wirelessly with your smartphone or your ipad. now the really cool part about this is you cannot only set it to turn off and on at certain times, check the curling item 50 times before i leave my apartment. now i'm guaranteed this is off. >> as long us a have a wi-fi. >> correct. >> the cool part is you can take it one step further. i have programmed my lamp. every time i get a mention on twitter to go on and off and then with the motion sensor every time your cat walks past the litter box it will send me an e-mail alert to say, hey, you need to clean up so lots of different things you can do with
9:39 am
this. >> you have a little too much time on your hands. >> i like gadgets. >> i'm very impressed. >> moving over to the app side. this is an app for tracking and organizing all your online spending, so can you link up to five e-mail accounts, and the cool part is it will show all of your online receipts and track your packages, send you an alert when you're receiving a package. anybody that has to do expense reports, it is like a dream. >> wow. >> then you can actually go to your profile and see where i'm spending all my money. i do a lot of travel. $7,000 spent in the last year, 57% of that was spent on travel. >> wow. >> nice little option for you. >> fun places? >> oh, yeah. >> a lot of nerdy san francisco going on. next up is task grab it. a goal app, users have quinn it upled since the start of the year. very popular. anyone who doesn't have time, can you post any task from building your ikea furniture, copy edit willing, cleaning your home, picking up your laundry,
9:40 am
choose any one of those tasks and people will bid on it. people bidding on these tasks, they are making upwards of $5,000 a month just using task rabbit, so in the only great for people who don't have time. cool for people who need extra cash. >> how do you know the people that are bidding are okay. >> aren't crazy. >> there's a five-step background check. >> that background check takes like forever. five to seven days to pass that background check. a video process with it, but knowing that you're dealing with secure people. >> okay. >> next up. >> this is for my poor mom who has gotten bug bites everywhere, one of the favorite apps. home snap, take a photo of any home and it will show you the value of that home, the price that it last sold for, how many bedrooms and baths, local school in the area. it will take you inside that home 360. as you can see here, i've pegged some of my favorites, and what's awesome is, too, can you see what other people are taking as well. this has had over 5,000 home snaps every single day. pretty awesome to see what a
9:41 am
home's value is. >> pretty cool. >> and our last one. >> two more. >> this one is like a personal translator in your pocket. translates 32 languages. it's had over 35,000 downloads in the four months it's been out, and i'm going to let you do the demoing here. english to spanish going. so english. >> my director is drunk. >> totally what i thought you were going to say. >> and instantly -- pretty awesome. and it's smart, too, and knows your voice more and more as time goes on and hotel tonight, saves you up to 75% off hotel rooms. ever seen an ad, last-minute cruise deals, same kind of deal with hotels. they need to fill their hotel rooms, so at 12:00 every day it will show you a list of all these hotels up to 75% off. choose that hotel, 2.5 million downloads to date in over 50
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cities. nice way to -- not good for us planners. >> but for the spontaneous folks. >> perfect option. >> and for your moms, bed bug bites. >> therapik. >> only $13. >> great to see you. keeping your skin healthy and cobeautiful with the cooler weather ahead right after these messages. is really my mother. they keep asking me if the dirty guy is really my son. huh -- what do you tell 'um? holy smokes, these viva towels really are tough, even when wet! [ mike ] for the record, that's my real father, cleaning up a real mess on a real grill. see? very impressive! you're a natural. oh that's much better... dad's got his tough mess, i've got mine. [ female announcer ] grab a roll and try it on your toughest mess. i think you got it.
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did he catch the early flight home? will he surprise the kids? [ gasps ] [ knock on door ] we'll see. but with glade's motion-activated sense & spray that offers a hint of hawaiian breeze... can i open the door? ...your home is always ready for any surprise. glade. open up and invite life in. automatically fill your home with a welcoming fragrance, like hawaiian breeze. sc johnson. a family company. this morning on "today's beauty," fall skin care. with the change of seasons come a change in your skin. a board certified dermatologist joins us. good morning, dr. chapas, great to see you. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> a lot of people don't realize how important it is to chain our skin care, the products that we use and how we care. number within own your list, don't forget your sunscreen. >> absolutely. >> don't think fall and sunscreen. >> that's the most important thing to remember because even
9:46 am
though fall is around the corner, sun damage happens year round so it's important to wear an spf 30 or higher every single day. >> 30 or higher even in the fall. >> absolutely. >> don't forget, even though the days are shorter, still accumulate sun damage during the fall, winter and spring so don't forget it every day. >> you also say one of the things we really need to pay attention, to and actually this is our responsibility, to check our body for moles. >> what i find happens in the fall is a lot of people notice things changing over the summer, and actually a change in a mole or evolving -- anything evolving in a mole is one of the most important signs in whether that mole is becoming cancerous so there's actually four things to look for. we call that the a, b, c and ds. lack at your moles all throughout your body where "a" sands for asymmetry, where one side of the mole is different than the other side. "b" stands for bothered, a hazy or shady border is something that should be checked. "c" stands for color. moles should be one color, more than one color or darkening, should be observed and "d"
9:47 am
stands for diameter. any mole that's bigger than a pencil eraser should be a concern. >> check your kids as well. give them a little twill around. >> skin cancer, especially melanoma is quite rare in children, but it is increasing and dermatologists evaluate children as well as adults, so bring them in if anything is unusual. >> after a couple months in the fun having fun sun damage, how do i treat it? >> how do i treat the wrinkles or dark discolorations that have come out over the summer? great home products you can use and things that you can use in the office. specifically to treat wrinkles, some of the best things to do is a product with vitamin a in it as well as growth factor products which help to grow the skin and ease fine lines. >> what would be a growth factor product? >> a growth factor product is win called dermal repair. use it twice a day to reduce
9:48 am
fine lines and wrinkles. sun damage isn't always wrinkle, discoloration as brown spots and dark spots may come up. products that even and brighten the skin tone. >> all over the counter. >> and options for people who want an in-office visit. >> there's a brand new treatment with a device that helps reraise the summer damage as well as prevent new damage from coming. >> what we're looking at here. >> is that a lays her. >> a very mild treatment that gives energy to the skin. >> okay. >> to help fine lines and wrinkles. plus it has had a home regimen that's a skin seutical component to it. >> we should also change our skin cleanser, why? >> we have to leave the summer products behind and get ready for winter. the cleansers in the summer are too drying and want to switch to one that's more moisturizing
9:49 am
such as these products myself. >> i always call myself arby simpson because my products are so arby. we have to moisturize. >> leave the big lotions behind. heavy duty. >> all of these products are good for any skin type as well. >> put on the extra moisture riser, change your cleanser, a pleasure meeting you. >> coming up, a three-course southern supper, but first this is "today" on nbc. >> look, everything in a jar.
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning on "today's kitchen," delicious southern favorite are on the menu. here with an easy meal you can whip up, even tonight. the southern living home basic cooking author is here. norman, good morning. >> good to see you. >> starting out with anyone who doesn't loved deviled eggs. >> we all love devil eggs. the great thing about our
9:52 am
southern style cook book it teaches everyone how to become a southern cook, from ingredients and classic recipes, all tested in the south's most trusted kitchens. >> let's start off with the proper way to do southern deviled eggs. >> yes, ma'am. we found this out through testing is bringing the eggs up to a boil and placing them in a pot before you turn on the heat actually helps them cook a little more even. >> place them in the pot first. >> and then pour the water over. >> a few inches of water above the top. >> nice. >> bring this up to a boil. >> and i'm sitting myself up for this awful question, but how long do you boil an egg? >> on this method. >> you bring it up to a boil and let it boil one minute and then you cover, it turn it off and threat stand for ten. >> excellent. >> you have it on ice here, why? >> we want to stop the cooking process. that way the egg doesn't overcook and for this we take them out and crack it. put a little bit of ice in there
9:53 am
as well, and typically, this is kind of like the hard part. >> we know how to peel that part. >> i didn't know how to boil one. i know how to peel it. >> once you get it peeled, nice slice out, take out the yolk. >> we have a lightened filling. greek yogurt. >> never heard of greig yogurt used with it. >> a little bit of cream cheese and parsley and a pinch of salt there. >> okay. >> i won't ask what is a pinch of salt, a half. >> okay. >> mix it up in there. >> why do you use the yogurt? that's interesting. >> wanted to lighten this up a little bit. >> for calorie counting. >> and we wanted to add some cream cheese in there and that way the filling is nice and stiff. >> get it in there and mix it in and fill it up. >> beautiful. >> just the standard here. sprinkle a little bit of chives on top or dill. >> or dill. >> olives. >> great alternatives, so we have this thing called the high society here. grab and a little bit of
9:54 am
terragon, pickles, capers and pickled okra and a georgia peach. >> i'm going to grab one as we walk over. >> rosemary chicken, why is this southern? >> it's southern because we love to cook family meals and love stuffing. stuffing with chopped pecans. >> why did you add pecans to your stuffing? >> more crunchy. >> i put this on a plastic rap and make it more neat and don't have to touch it. slide it into a greased baking dish. >> nice. >> you don't mind boxed stuffing. >> not at all. >> we love to do stuff, you know, that saves you some time. >> olive oil on there. >> how long do you break it is this. >> 20 minutes at 400. >> a little bit of parmesan cheese. >> and mushroom sauteing here, and we're going to make the sauce. >> we're making sauce. sauteed mushrooms and green
9:55 am
onions. we'll add some chicken broth and a little bit of cream of chicken soup. >> that's nice. this gives it a little bit of richness and chickens it and makes up very quickly. >> and i'll move you along to the hummingbird cake because savannah didn't know what hummingbird cake is. >> it has bananas and pineapple, an oil-based cake with cream cheese frosting. >> spoon that right over the top. >> i'll save some cake for savannah and al. not. i'm taking this home as my belated birthday gift. thank you. coming up, kathie lee and hoda, wow, they will tell us how to look cool in a minivan after your local news and weather. i can't read this fast enough because i have to try this. please, thank you.
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:57 is your time now. good morning. a quick peek at our big story. a new panda cub at the national zoo. here's a live look at the panda house. we can hear the new addition. we haven't seen the cub yet. zookeepers have seen a little glimpse. the weather now with meteorologist tom kieran. >> beautiful morning after a chilly start. we're now climbing into the 60s.
9:58 am
later today, we'll hit the mid and upper 70s by midafternoon with increasing clouds. might get some rain into the metro area around midnight tonight and after that. before then, earlier in the day, in the mountains, some heavy storms tomorrow afternoon might produce some wind damage. how's traffic? >> checking out the american legion bridge, if you're on the outer loop, that right lane is blocked, because of road work. now the key bridge. looking a lot better. inbound as well as outbound. no issues to report. a look at the 14th street bridge, nice and clear as you make your way into the district. >> don't forge heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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